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Hi, my name is Topher. It's short for Christopher. When I was two, I couldn't quite pronounce Christopher right, and it came out more like "Cuh-topher". My brothers started calling me Topher, and forty plus years later they still do.

I'm from Connecticut originally, but I came to DC in 1999 for law school, and have been here ever since. I moved into Georgetown in 2003 when my roommate and I found an incredible deal on an apartment across from Montrose Park. Walking through Dumbarton Oaks Park while our application was pending I couldn't believe that I might actually get to live here. I still can't.

I started the Georgetown Metropolitan website in 2008 to cover news and history of the neighborhood. I publish articles every weekday and have just passed my eleventh year. I've published articles on everything from the Apple Store, the history of every Georgetown public school building, to the end of the liquor license moratorium. (Even if I don't get your vote, I hope you check out the website!)

I moved to 33rd St. in 2011. I live in the extremely bright blue house just above Volta with my wife and daughter (it didn't seem so bright when we picked the color, but it's grown on us!).


After starting the Georgetown Metropolitan, I started getting drawn more into community affairs. It began with an invitation to join the Historical Preservation and Zoning committee of the Citizens Association of Georgetown (CAG). Soon I was named the Secretary of the Board of CAG, and it just took off from there.

I have served on multiple boards and ad hoc committees around the neighborhood. I represented CAG on the Georgetown 2028 steering committee, which was tasked with envisioning the world of 2028 and what challenges Georgetown would face to remain a competitive retail neighborhood. I served on the transportation working group of the Georgetown Community Partnership, which was responsible for monitoring Georgetown University's impact on the transportation network of the neighborhood. I've also served as the chair of CAG's transportation committee.

As the father of a school age daughter, I've also taken a keen interest in parks, playgrounds and schools in Georgetown. I served on the committee that helped plan the dramatic renovation and expansion of Hyde-Addison Elementary School. I also served as Vice -President of the Friends of Volta Park, helping organize popular events like Breakfast with Santa and Volta Park Day.

I am also a member of the Potomac Boat Club and the Washington Area Bicyclists Association.