I'm Your Neighbor

Hi, I'm Topher Mathews, and I'm running to serve as Commissioner of ANC2E02 (northwest Georgetown). If I haven't had the pleasure to meet you yet, let me tell you a bit about myself and why I am qualified for this position.


I've lived in Georgetown since 2003. I married my wife at Dumbarton House in 2009. I brought home my newborn daughter to our house on 33rd St. in 2012. But my Georgetown connections go much deeper than that.

I Served on the Board of the Citizens Association of Georgetown From 2011 until this year, when I decided to run for ANC.

In that role I was on the frontlines of just about every issue that affects us as Georgetown residents. Before joining the Board I was on the Association's Historical Preservation and Zoning committee, reviewing each renovation and significant construction project in the neighborhood. I also worked closely on the historic residential zoning rewrite of 2016.

In connection with my role as board member, I've also served on countless ad hoc groups such as the Georgetown 2028 steering committee, which looked forward 15 years to envision what it would take to keep the neighborhood vibrant and liveable.

I've also worked on transportation issues, as the chair of the Transportation Committee of CAG and serving on the Transportation working group with the Georgetown Community Partnership. I know the challenges we face trying to make our streets safer, less frustrating and more beautiful.

And between all these official meetings, I've had innumerable informal meetings over coffee with individuals leading critical organizations all around the neighborhood, whether it's the Georgetown Business Improvement District, Georgetown Main Streets, Georgetown University, and on and on. 

as the parent of a young child, I've also taken a keen interest in the schools, parks and playgrounds in Georgetown.

I served on the committee that helped plan the dramatic renovation and expansion of Hyde-Addison Elementary school. And I also served as Vice President of the Friends of Volta Park for years, working to organize beloved events like the Breakfast with Santa or Volta Park Day.

And on top of all of this, I have dutifully published a daily website–The Georgetown Metropolitan–providing news, history and everything in between for the neighborhood. I started the site in 2008, and have kept at it through thick and thin. I've written stories there covering every issue you can possibly imagine that touches on our lives here.



And the reality is that Georgetown is facing unprecedented challenges in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Businesses that make living in Georgetown as enjoyable as it is are likely to close at alarming rates. The city, facing looming budget shortfalls, will likely look to cut expenditures. We need to have an ANC that will diligently protect our parks, streets, trees, schools, and other resources that keep Georgetown beautiful and livable.

Pulling together citizen and advocacy groups will be critical to see our neighborhood through the crisis. And I know how to do that because I've been part of and worked with these groups for over a decade.

But ultimately the job of ANC commissioner is about serving constituents. 

And an ANC Commissioner is first and foremost an advocate for residents dealing with the myriad challenges that come with living in a city. I am ready to be your advocate.



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